Happy Valentine’s Day!

These turned out delish.  I made my regular chocolate cake recipe but then when I was pouring the batter into the cupcake wrappers, I put a whole dark chocolate raspberry Lindt Truffle in there!  It melted during the cooking and kind of made a hard chocolate bottom for the cupcake, but it kind of infused some of the raspberry into the cake part.  Then they are frosted with a raspberry buttercream frosting and topped with raspberries filled with chocolate ganache.  mmMmMMm 🙂

I wonder how many #1 fan ate?  I forgot to ask..

Sorry for the lack of posts recently…the Photographer’s camera cable made an unplanned trip to Texas and it took a super long time for the cable to make it’s way back to NYC again *ahem*  Anyway, we will be back to regular posting again soon..I promise~! 🙂