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a good friend asked for cupcakes for her little girl’s first birthday.  she kept it low-key but sent me a picture of the birthday decorations, which looked like this:

So from that, i made these vanilla bean cupcakes with vanilla frosting 🙂

apparently momma had a hard time getting that cupcake out of her hand~!


happy 1st birthday~!


i’m still here~!  i’m still alive~!  here are a few of the things i was up to this summer…

i learned how to make sugar roses with a friend.

bid a friend farewell.  i had to remake these black sesame cupcakes with matcha cream cheese frosting because she loved them so much.

made my own birthday cake (only ice cream cake for me~!) and celebrated with friends

was gifted a cookie press for my birthday~!  it was a lot harder than i thought, but i eventually got the hang of it.  i made peanut butter and nutella cookie sandwiches.  i unfortunately forgot to take a final picture..but they were yum 🙂


and more…but i was pretty bad about taking pictures and documenting my kitchen going-ons.  hopefully some new posts to share soon 🙂

Were you wondering yet if I really used my last cup of pumpkin puree?  Well here it is~!



The last time I attempted to make a roll cake, I looked over a roll cake recipe and decided to use the technique on my own tried and true matcha cake recipe…but I didn’t take into consideration that a rolled cake needs to be spongier in order to roll properly…I ended up making a colossal mess out of everything and even had to throw the towel away~!!  Needless to say, I’ve been a little apprehensive about trying this again..but as you see, it turned out great~!  It ended up being a favorite of the holiday desserts I made 🙂

I made a steamed hazelnut cake covered with chocolate whipped cream and garnished with toasted hazelnuts and chocolate drizzle.  Pretty healthy and very light and airy~!

It was another birthday cake for two special dad and my grandma~!  Happy belated birthday to my dad, and happy early birthday to grandma~!

One birthday candle each 🙂

Cookies & Cream Cake for the dentist~!

Happy Birthday SLim~!


A beautiful marble cake with mocha and hazelnut swirled together~!  I brought this to Thanksgiving dinner along with a pumpkin turtle pie (turtle meaning with an oreo crust and topped with carmel and pecans~!)…but I forgot to take a picture of the pie~!  Well..I still have one cup of my pumpkin puree left…so there should be one more pumpkin dessert making it’s way here 🙂

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