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A long time ago, I found a recipe floating around online for a cupcake recipe for two.  I thought to myself, why would I make only two cupcakes?  And I sort of ignored the recipe.  Fast forward like 5 years, and after I made the 1st Birthday cake for my friend’s daughter, I had a tad bit of frosting left and a lot of fondant butterflies and flowers and was wondering what I could do with them.  It happened to be a friend’s birthday and I thought, what a great time to try this cupcakes for two recipe~!  I ended up searching online for like 30 minutes trying to locate the recipe.  But I found it, the recipe really did make exactly two cupcakes, and I hope they tasted ok?? 🙂


Finished product


a good friend asked for cupcakes for her little girl’s first birthday.  she kept it low-key but sent me a picture of the birthday decorations, which looked like this:

So from that, i made these vanilla bean cupcakes with vanilla frosting 🙂

apparently momma had a hard time getting that cupcake out of her hand~!


happy 1st birthday~!

i’m still here~!  i’m still alive~!  here are a few of the things i was up to this summer…

i learned how to make sugar roses with a friend.

bid a friend farewell.  i had to remake these black sesame cupcakes with matcha cream cheese frosting because she loved them so much.

made my own birthday cake (only ice cream cake for me~!) and celebrated with friends

was gifted a cookie press for my birthday~!  it was a lot harder than i thought, but i eventually got the hang of it.  i made peanut butter and nutella cookie sandwiches.  i unfortunately forgot to take a final picture..but they were yum 🙂


and more…but i was pretty bad about taking pictures and documenting my kitchen going-ons.  hopefully some new posts to share soon 🙂

Wanted to make some Japanese inspired cupcakes for some special Japanese guests 🙂

Made for a special friend 🙂  The secret to making the frosting such a beautiful purple?  Nope, not food coloring~!  Freeze dried blueberries~! 🙂

There was no time to take pictures before these cupcakes were whisked away to the birthday girl…so this picture is courtesy of the birthday girl 🙂

Happy Bridal Shower Michelle~!  We’ve known each other since way back when..I knew her when she was a cute spherical shaped baby 🙂  and now she’s this tall, beautiful woman about to get married~!  So happy to celebrate your upcoming marriage~!

These cupcakes are a Lavender Sprinkles best seller 🙂

I’ve been wanting to make these cupcakes for years but have been out of town for the last few Easters.  The idea is from the Martha Stewart Cupcakes book.    The kids at church loved them 🙂


My regular chocolate cupcakes with a creamy peanut butter cream cheese frosting.  Topped with chocolate flowers with pearl centers.  My first time making the chocolate flowers.  If I had been more patient and had more time to let the chocolate set a little bit more, they probably would’ve had a better shape.  But I think they turned out ok 🙂

This unassuming chocolate cupcake…

but wait, what’s that in there?

a whole ferrero rocher~!  you know, the gold wrapped chocolate candies?  YUM.

here’s proof:

and the birthday girl loved them~!  🙂

I had a birthday dinner and a farewell party to attend all in the same evening.  The birthday girl loves ginger (this I was certain) and I had a hunch the guest of honor would appreciate the ginger as well…so even though I H.A.T.E. ginger, I made these cupcakes~!

I think they tasted good?  If you like ginger? 🙂

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