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Mango Cheesecakes~!  And I had a special secret ingredient that I’ve been hankering to extract~!  I think it gave it an extra edge and enhanced the mango puree that I already put in.  I saw the mango extract on a trip to the Philippines and had to buy it because I’ve never seen it before.  I have another special extract from the Philippines up my sleeve…hopefully I will find the perfect dessert to feature it in 🙂


Yum..these turned out DEE-Li-CiOUS. I used Fuji Apples and instead of cutting them in chunks like the recipe called for, we diced them up into teeny tiny pieces and I think it turned out better~! Nothing beats caramel drizzled on top of an oatmeal crumble on top of apples on top of cheesecake on top of a crust~!

I already have another apple dessert waiting in the oven..tune in tomorrow 🙂

I got an unexpected call from my mother-in-law over the weekend…she called to say that there was a fig tree outside my father-in-law’s office and it was producing more figs than she could eat~!  Would I like some?  YES~!  I mean, how many people do you know have fig trees in their yards in NYC??

So cute~!

If you haven’t tried a fig tastes surprisingly a lot like a fig newton..just without all the sugar~!

So what do I mean fig, not fake?  I brought this tart into work and was offering to some coworkers, and most of them thought I was offering them “fake tart.”  Figs are a very underrepresented fruit.

This is a very REAL tart~! 🙂

In progress~!

These are cinnamon cupcakes with apple pie filling made from honey crisp apples.  To top it all off is caramel swiss buttercream frosting because nothing beats apples and caramel~!  YUM~!

More apple desserts to come~! 🙂

Apple picking today was sooo much fun~!  The threat of rain loomed over our heads, but in the end, it was a fine day to pick apples 🙂

The fruits of our labor~! 🙂

Stay tuned..something is already in the oven~! 🙂

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