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I had a request for a basketball themed birthday cake.  The birthday girl loves basketball and the Knicks.  My team (Rockets) fell out of the playoffs I will be following the Knicks now too 🙂  Anyway, this was a fun cake to make.  I hope the birthday girl enjoyed it as well.

basketball cake


with the office being closed and a lot of time on my hands, i decided today was a good day to try to make donuts.  i was always intimidated by the whole process of it, but it was easier than i thought.  and fun.  and yummy 🙂

Step One: make dough and cut out into donut shapes

Step Two: deep fry~!  handy to have a little deep fryer, but not necessary

Step Three: coat with sugar and cinnamon

Step Four: eat~! 🙂

Look at this big guy~!

It was quite the job cutting it up and cleaning out all of the seeds.  Photography courtesy of me while the photographer did the heavy duty labor 🙂

And into the oven they go~!

FYI…this pumpkin made 9 cups of puree~!

I followed a Martha Stewart recipe for apple-cinnamon strudel.  They smelled AMAZING while they were baking~!  And taste great too~!

I was really planning on making my own puff pastry this time, but was running short on time and I saw puff pastry for the first time at our local Trader Joe’s and wanted to try it out.  TJs puff pastry was great~!  And so much cheaper than what I can buy at the other local stores.

I have three more apples left…will they get baked into something?  Or just eaten?  Not sure yet…

But we also picked up this big guy at the apple picking farm too 🙂  Starting to make some plans for his future too~!

Welcome to my humble little blog~!  This is a major work in progress and I will try to have some pictures up soon~!

Just happy that I finally have some sort of web address now 🙂

My name is Evey and I love lavender sprinkles~!

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